Quality with distinction.

Quality and safety: Certified since 2010

Leyendecker was initially certificated in 2010 according to the newly created by DPVT Standard SR 6.0, as one of the first four companies of the event industry. Re-certifications find place every 2 years in conformity to the constantly developed quality standard.

The independent quality standard SR 6.0 includes all the features that make up a professional service provider of event technology with high quality and refers to both, the technical and the commercial side of a company. Particularly in the area of ​​occupational safety, LLeyendecker is happy about a possibility of independent recognition of extensive involvement.

Leyendecker was certified under service type A as event technology service provider in the 4 categories lighting, sound, stage and Tribühnenbau and Rigging.

Work safety is a crucial criterion for obtaining the DPVT Label: Backlit be the structure of the OSH management down to individual processes and documents. And not only in-house but also in productions.

Lleyendecker IS recertified BY DPVT!

The DPVT works as an independent certification company for the event industry.

Their main task is the establishment of industry-owned quality standards and the certification of products and companies in the event industry, which provide planning, organizational and technical services for the implementation of event productions or the alignment of venues.

Their audits and reviews go explicitly to the specific needs of the industry and enable the quality assessment with a maximum of objectivity.

As a quality service company LLeyendecker seeks confident at each subsequent recertification.