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The nationally recognized apprenticeship was created in 1998 due to the increased demands in the areas of culture and media and offers a very interesting and diverse work environment and good prospects for the future.

Professionals for event technology are responsible for

  • the technical planning and preparation of events
  • organization of subject-specific workflows
  • construction and installation of technical equipment event
  • configuration, operation and control of projection, lighting and sound systems
  • organization and delivery of electrical power supplies
  • review and implementation of special effects
  • adherence to safety rules and regulations 

Requirements for training as a professional event technician in our company

  • a minimum age of 18 years
  • driver's license
  • at least a high-school diploma
  • technical understanding
  • technical skills
  • altitude capability
  • teamwork skills
  • reliability and responsibility
  • flexibility as working on weekends and holidays as well as travelling for a project are part of the job



The job of a warehouse operator mainly includes the receipt and distribution of goods and the appropriate forwarding and storing during operation. Warehouse operators use conveyor and sorting systems, loading / unloading trucks and create accompanying documents taking account of the relevant regulations.


Our warehouse covers an area of 2,200 square meters / 3,700 square meters (without levels/with levels). Here is stored our very special and sometimes very sensitive equipment and prepaired for use on our construction sites.
Storemen are responsible for:

  • the receiving and control of goods
  • the storage of goods
  • the transport of goods in operation
  • packaging and return packing of goods
  • the picking of goods
  • the loading / unloading of goods
  • the sending of goods

Requirements for training as storeman in our company:

  • at least one secondary school
  • technical understanding
  • skilled craftsmanship
  • care and diligence
  • teamwork ability
  • reliability and responsibility
  • knowledge of mathematics
  • flexibility, there can be weekend- and holiday work occur


With good training results, the supplement by a build upon training as warehouseman is possibly.


Electrician technicians for devices and systems design (and) help to produce components and devices, put them into operation and maintain them. Typical application areas are information and communication technology equipment, medical equipment, automotive systems, system components, sensors, actuators, microsystems, EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), measuring and testing (eg. monitoring systems, alarm systems or ventilation systems).

Electricians for devices and systems are responsible for

  • the construction and wiring of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical assemblies
  • the Assembly and installation of system components
  • installing and managing building and infrastructure systems according to laws and regulations, operator requirements and user requirements
  • designing the system and changes of use of technological systems (energy and communications systems and media)
  • performing inspections, tests and maintenance of equipment and systems

Requirements for training as electrician for devices and systems in our company:

  • a minimum age of 18 years
  • driving license desirable
  • at least a high-school diploma
  • technical understanding
  • technical skills
  • teamwork abitlity
  • reliability and responsibility

The training mainly takes place in the company's own workshop.


Your contact for training as a professional event technician is Ms Kathrin Hauda.
Your contact for training as an electrician for devices and systems is Mr Peter Wermelskirchen.
They will be happy to help with any queries.

Please send your completed application documents to: >